New book of Finnish school dining is now published (14.6.2016)

The first comprehensive book of Finnish school dining is now published
School Dining in Finland – Learning and Well-Being
written by PhD, CEO Seija Lintukangas and Professor Päivi Palojoki, University of Helsinki

Finland is a model country for education and competence, and people from all over the world come here to learn how Finnish school dining is organised. Many countries have been inspired by the Finnish model to start their own school meal schemes. We have good reason to be delighted and proud about this national export concept and share what we know about it to those who need it. With this book we want to share the Finnish experiences and expertise for everyone who wants to develop school dining in his/her own country.

In Finland, school dining is defined as an essential part of a school’s educational task. The starting point of all the activities of a school is the children and young people attending it. A school educates and raises children by the example modeled by its adults. The school dining environment is an excellent daily arena for cooperation, where different members of the school can meet, exchange information and also learn skills from each other.

School dining and all it comprises has a significant effect on the healthy and safe future and well-being of our children and teenagers. There has to be adequate resources for its development. Children and teenagers, food, teaching and education are crucial for creating a safe future for us all and we need to and must invest in them adequately. With consistent food education, our future will become rooted in a sustainable lifestyle and the nation’s well-being. School dining is an excellent learning environment full of possibilities, an outstanding opportunity to practise life skills and a first-class foundation for learning and well-being.

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